Cheers Girls (that includes women, ‘boys’ & ‘men’),

You may have arrived here after a visit to https://PEOPLE.FAMILY
and you’ve accepted that all beings in This UNIVERSE are Girls at their Core,
in contrary to Our PARALLEL UNIVERSE where all beings are ‘Boys’,
however not as we typically percepted boys in This UNIVERSE.

FOREVERGIRLS.HOUSE is an initiative of
and is a ‘Business’ addition to FOREVERGIRLS.EDUCATION.

If you are an Excellentorâ„¢ Course Member with your Company/Companies,
you are eligible to participate with FEMININE.HOUSE.
You would be provided the opportunity to share your ‘Our Girley Story’
at Internet Sites of your Company/Companies, have it approved by Us,
receive a listing at this Site and receive a ‘Room Icon’ which you are asked
to place with your ‘Our Girley Story’ with link to
your Verified Member Page at this Site.

Your ‘Our Girley Story’ tells about your experiences with:
In Business
Professions &/or
Spare Time.

Your Excellentorâ„¢ Course Account Manager can inform
you about participation with FEMININE.HOUSE.